Meet Jess ~ Owner & Lead Trainer

Hello! I’m JESS NEVADA… an experienced entrepreneur, master level lash stylist, mother, wife, and ocean and watersports enthusiast! I’m passionate about helping women define their goals and succeed in business. I am a self-taught entrepreneur, who has learned and succeeded through hard work, perseverance, and sheer will. I’m a “maker”, and a “doer”! I believe in life-by-design and that we’re a product of our own imagination and effort. I enjoy helping other business-minded women turn their passion and skill into profit!

My education and career roles have been like submarine rivers leading into an Estuary of diverse experiences including undergraduate degrees in education and community program planning; 15 years in the corporate business arena fulfilling roles and responsibilities in strategic planning, sales, project management, and account retention; 18 years as a small business entrepreneur owning and operating multiple micro-businesses in various capacities including retail/wholesale (formulary, product development, manufacturing, distribution), online market place management, and specialty beauty studio/services.

My journeys have allowed me to build, learn, and pull the rip-cord propelling me into the most fulfilling venture yet! So here we are!

Let me help YOU make our own waves!

I’m often asked

Q: “How did you get into “LASHES”?

A:  I was drawn to an entrepreneurial adventure in 2015 involving lash extensions and was determined to learn everything there was to know about lashing! Diving into the beauty services industry was a whole new and exciting world! Starting-up and managing a business, for me, was the easy part; mastering the skill of properly applying and styling lashes, was the primary goal and challenge. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your LASH CAREER?

A: I most enjoy exercising my creativity and using my hands! Lashing is highly maticulous craft requiring hand-eye coordination, an eye for symmetry, and lots of patience! I also enjoy meeting so many amazing women, hearing their stories and building friendships through the years. I’m a strong advocate for EDUCATION! I believe in thoroughly informing my lash guests of materials, processes, ingredients, styling, maintenance and after-care best practices. I’m proud of the role I play in helping women enhance their natural features, feel beautiful, and gain confidence in themselves! 

Q: What do you enjoy most about COACHING & TRAINING?

A: Spreading the Lash Love! I enjoy teaching others the skill of lashing, and guiding entrepreneurs through how to best manage their new small beauty business. My role as your BluWave Beauty Business Coach and TRAINER is to inspire, guide, mentor, and support you in accomplishing your own small business goals.

I’ll help you unleash your inner mermaid; sea goddess representing independence, freedom, passion, and power. 

Let’s BEGIN! It’s time to turn your thoughts and plans into a tangible revenue-generating business.

I look forward to working with you!