Q: Where and when do coaching and training sessions take place?

BluWave coaching and training sessions will be held either 1) Virtually over the phone on CST (central standard time) directly between coach and service recipient, or 2) On-Site at Minneapolis studio. Training and coaching session offerings are available on weekends only. If you reside in a time zone other than CST, please note that any virtual appointments will automatically reflect CST. Please plan accordingly!   

Q: Who initiates contact for my scheduled virtual phone session?

Your BluWave coach (Jess Nevada) will contact you at the phone number listed within your booking.

Q: May I book/receive services at an international phone number?

 At this time BluWave Beauty Business Coaching services are provided to US residents only.

Q: Can I book multiple services, and/or the same service multiple times?

Yes, during the booking process you will have the option to select one or more service levels. You may also book the same service level multiple times (for varying dates) if need be.

Q: What happens if I’m late for my session?

There will be a 15 minute grace period after the beginning of your scheduled virtual phone, or on-site training session, in which your coach/trainer will make several additional attempts to reach you before considering the appointment “unattended” (non-refundable). Efforts to be on-time, prepared, and undistracted will contribute to a more effective and successful session!

Q: Does BluWave provide certification or licensing credentials upon completion of hands-on lash training practical?

At this time BluWave offers private training and hands-on experience only. As certification and licensing requirements vary by individual state, each trainee is responsible for checking into their own state’s lash licensing guidelines.

Q: Do I need to have anything prepared for my virtual session or on-site training?


There are no required materials for your virtual phone coaching session/s. However, it may be helpful to have your computer, or notes available. Sessions are more productive when there is a two-way discussion and collaborative effort towards conveying and understanding your unique business needs/interests. Although, if you are more comfortable being a passive participant, that’s ok too! Your BluWave coach can lead discussion topics and provide relevant insight based upon your start-up phase. 


There are no required materials for your on-site lash training session. All materials and tools will be provided. Please however arrange for your model to attend the second half of the session. If you’re unable to coordinate a model, please contact the office for assistance.


BluWave Beauty Business Coaching accepts online payment from all major credit cards.

Appointments may be cancelled up to 48-hours in advance, in which a full refund for the scheduled service charge will be issued.  Online payment confirms acknowledgement and understanding of coaching/training FAQ/policies.

Appointments may be cancelled up to 48-hours in advance, in which a full refund for the scheduled service charge will be issued. In the event of an unattended session, or less than 48-hour cancellation, the full service charge will be assessed for the scheduled session. You may reschedule your session online (up to 2 days in advance), or by contacting the office directly if less than 48 hours from your scheduled session. Appointments may be rescheduled up to 3 times/attempts, after which the session will then be deemed void with the one-time original service charge. As a courtesy, BluWave will send automated text and email reminders to help keep you on track for your scheduled session. Your coach will reserve a 15 minute grace period past your scheduled session, or training time before considering your session unattended. Please note: all sessions are scheduled on CST/Central Standard Time. Please plan accordingly!

*Online payment confirms acknowledgement and understanding of BluWave Coaching FAQ/Policies.

BluWave reserves the right to decline or discontinue coaching sessions or trainings before or during a session, in any case of concern regarding personal well-being, conflict of interest, or personal safety. Payment to be refunded in full.

BluWave does not guarantee specific qualitative or quantitative outcomes as a result of coaching or training sessions. Success is relative to your definition, goals and efforts. BluWave Beauty Business Coaching strives to support, guide, encourage, and advise you along your path to entrepreneurship!

BluWave session content, recommendations, and on-site training methods are proprietary and must remain confidential between coach and service recipient. Third party participation/attendance is prohibited.